Chris Ellys is a solo performer ranking within the young wave of the Slovak music scene. His sound can be described as indie-pop with a hint of rock. He came away from the Tootoot awards with the “Top Fan Band 2016” prize and was nominated in the category “Best New Act” at the Slovak Radio_Head Awards. Releasing his debut album “Lonely Tree” at the close of 2016, he followed up with a tour across 8 European Countries. He has performed at GRAPE and at the Łodź Songwriters Festival (PL), Bunda Rokas (LT) or RSD'17 (NL).

Czech singer of the year 2016 Thom Artway noted that Chris’ music is infused with an honesty that invokes joy or even tears of happiness. Chris is currently busy with the final preparations of a new record, which features both Thom Artway and Blanch. The new album, titled ‘Spring Folks’ will be released on 11.2.2019.


2016 - Tootoot Music Awards -  artist of the year

2017 - Radio_Head Awards - newcomer of the year


Spring Folks

(released on 11th of Feb. 2019)

Humanity's introspection balancing between indie, pop and folk-rock is leaving a touch of suited melancholy in your own gaze. Made with the best intentions to reflect mind of Spring Folks. 

Lonely Tree

(released on 21st of Oct. 2016)  

"A small collection of feelings and experiences with people I met on road in Central  Europe" - Chris's mention

Debut EP recorded at Orgon Studio © 2016